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1 September 2018

New York

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New York

The City that Never Sleeps, New York has something for every traveler. World-class dining, entertainment, shopping, and history – see what NYC has waiting for you!

One of the most famous cities of all time, New York City, is synonymous with art, elegance, sophistication, and excitement. Here are a few Must Do’s when you visit the Big Apple.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Home to some of the world’s finest art, the Met is a must stop when in NYC. Considered New York’s version of the Louvre, you can take in Renaissance masterpieces as well as pre-Columbian artifacts. Even if you have toured it before, the ever-changing collections at the Met always make it worth a visit.

Time Square

No trip to NYC is complete without a walk around Time Square. Flashing Lights and the bustle of the crowd, this iconic location is at the heart of the Big Apple. Enjoy a slice of pizza or cheesecake and be mesmerized by the billboards and excitement at the heart of The City.

Stroll Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Considered the prettiest bridge in The City, the Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic structure. It will take you about 40 minutes to walk across this wooden-planked structure but doing so will give you some of the most incredible views of Manhattan. 

Visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

Get lost in the history of the United States and learn about the journey of millions of immigrants when you visit Ellis Island. You will take a ferry from Battery Park and feel a sense of wonder as you gaze upon the Statue of Liberty in all her magnificence. 

Relax in Central Park

Considered an urbanized Eden, Central Park is every New Yorker’s escape. Pick a spot to picnic, enjoy a walk around the lake, or people watch; Central Park is like no other city park that you will ever visit. 

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