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6 February 2019

India by Train

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India by Train

Sit back and take in India’s endless beauty in classic old-world style by traveling in the comfort of a luxury train. Here is a small glimpse of the wonder you can see and experience while traveling on the trails.  

India is well known for its luxurious travel trains that meander through the countryside. Allowing you to cover more ground, traveling by train is a popular option in India. Not only is it convenient and comfortable, but you will also be able to experience and enjoy much more of this magnificent country when traveling by train. 

Northern India

Travel north and visit the Rajasthan region. Visit the Agra Fort, which was the home of Mughal’s emperors. Get caught up in history and stand in the exact location where Shan Jahan, the Taj Mahal’s creator, stood when he was imprisoned. Then visit the grand and majestic Ta Mahal itself. You can relax in the lush surrounding gardens and enjoy lunch as you take in all the unforgettable beauty. 

Central India

If you decide to enjoy a train trip through Central India, you will visit the remote and ancient Hampi monuments and spend some time in the rarely visited state of Gujarat. Visiting this region will allow you to step back in time. Little has changed in this area in hundreds of years. You will enjoy the charm of small farming villages before visiting the Rann of Kutch’s glowing white landscape, the world’s largest salt marsh. 

The Trains

No matter which region of India you decide to visit, you will travel with ease and in luxury. Enjoy the comfort of a private travel cabin. Sit by the window and take in magnificent views as you explore India effortlessly and without urgency. Gourmet meals are served in elegantly appointed dining cars where stunning works of art adorn the walls. You will even have access to valets who can help accommodate any needs you may have as you soak up the charm of traveling India in the same fashion as the country’s royalty and dignitaries. 

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